Our fav guide Javier

No Costa Rica vacation is complete without experiencing the thrill of the ultimate adventure at Canyon de la Vieja, packed with ziplining, rappelling, rock climbing, and white water rafting! MyPlayaGrande and friends recently called upon local naturalist guide and adventure expert, Javier Francisco Vargas Morales, for a guided excursion within the mighty Rincon de la Vieja. Javier of LovingCostaRica, asks eager travelers to be ready bright and early for a brief 1.5 hour drive to the Canyon just outside of Liberia. He let us know that the earlier you arrive, the easier it is to get started and skip ahead of potential large groups.


ziplining-canyon-de-la-viejaWith nine hair raising ziplines, of varying length and top speed, Canyon de la Vieja provides travelers the thrill of flying through the trees while zigzagging over the canyon below. Expect to arrive, suit up in a harness, helmet, and gloves, and review a safety demonstration from National Park employees prior to hiking to the first platform. Javier is always willing to go first to demonstrate each zipline and take action photos of your adventure through the canopy from the other side.

Rappelling & Rock Climbing

rappelling-costa-ricaAfter crossing the ninth zipline, travelers immediately arrive at the rappelling and rock climbing platform, which hangs directly over the rushing canyon below. It’s safe for kiddies too–our fearless nine-year olds were the first ones up and back. With harness, helmet, and gloves still securely on each traveller, National Park employees can quickly transition and review rappelling safety instructions prior to dropping off the canyon edge. One by one, each traveller is slowly lowered off the cliff edge, controlling the descent by releasing their grip on the rappel rope. After rappelling, travelers can climb back up the vertical cliff wall by utilizing strategically positioned hand grips.

White Water Rafting

Finish your Canyon de la Vieja adventure with an exciting dip into swirling white water. Travellers can select a single person tube or two person kayak with paddles prior to plunging into the refreshing canyon waters. After trading in your harness for a rafting vessel and life vest, Javier leads the way down the river, over vertical falls and rocky obstacles. Halfway through the canyon, travellers can expect a brief stop along a sandy shore to rest and jump from a hanging rope swing. White water rafting at Canon de la Vieja is a blend of heart racing drops and turns, with serene moments of calm reflection.


Recommended for small or large groups of adult and little travellers, only a sense of adventure is required to enjoy an epic day adventure at Canyon de la Vieja. With Javier as your enthusiastic guide, you are guaranteed a thrilling Costa Rican experience.

We recommend travelers pack a spare set of clothes, including a swim suit and close toed shoes, to fully enjoy every adventure of Canyon de la Vieja.