Visiting the right spots at Playa Grande is like going to a full scale aquarium, without having to pay admission.

Playa Grande is famed for watersports and turtle watching, but those with an affinity of aquatic life will surely be delighted discovering Playa Ventanas, the northern most point in Playa Grande.

Getting to Ventanas from Playa Grande is easy enough. Simply hang a right at Las Tortugas and follow the road until it ends (It’ll be a few kilometers). You’ll see the sign for it eventually.

The best time to witness the biodiversity in Playa Ventanas is during a falling tide. We playa-ventanas-coral copyrecommend getting out there an hour and half before the falling tide to give you plenty of time to explore.

Water shoes are recommended since you never know how sharp the rocks are and if there are urchins, but sandals and bare feet will do if you’re brave enough. Consider yourselves warned! ☺

playa-ventanas-sea-bug copyMarine life is abundant here, and what you’ll see on any given day fluctuates with the tides. Sea urchins, blennies, sea slugs, and zoanthid corals are always plentiful. The rocky tide pools are protected from crashing waves, and angelfish, butterfly fish, and moray eels are not uncommon in Playa Ventanas. You never know what will turn up here though.

Some of these tide pools are several feet deep, and with rock formations to hide under, they may appear empty. Bring a beach towel and water bottle and sit quietly; those who wait patiently will be rewarded. If you find the heats a bit much, there’s a few pools you can hop into. Look before you leap!


A few hours at Playa Ventanas is a great way to spend some time when vacationing in Playa Grande. Whether you’re taking the kids or are a kid at heart, the wildlife you see here will not disappoint.