playa mina

The beaches of Costa Rica’s northern pacific are nothing short of spectacular. So when you visit, you are going to want to check out as many as you canall hosting their own beauty and individual personalities.

Whether you are looking for a remote, private beach, one of the best surf spots in the country, a bustling beach town, pristine national parks filled with wildlife along the coast, camping, snorkeling…seriously, whatever it is you seek, Guanacaste has that beach. It’s called the Gold Coast for a reason! Check out some of the favorites close to Playa Grande.

National Parks

las baulas national park

Costa Rica is proudly progressive in protecting its wildlife and environment. In fact, over 25% of the country’s total landmass is currently protected. Much of that space makes up Costa Rica’s national parks: 26 of them to be exact.

It just so happens Playa Grande is in one of those protected zones with the sought out Baulas National Park as its backyard. But as so many spaces are protected in this beautiful country, there are many other incredible national parks in a stone’s throw. Tropical dry forests, caves, volcanoes, cloud forests, you can dip into nature’s rainbow in just a short drive from the beach. Make sure to charge your camera because beyond extreme differences in geography of these different zones, you will want to capture the prolific wildlife you will cross. We can’t contain ourselves, birders unite!

Other Places to Visit

llanos del cortez waterfall

Wildlife, waves and waterfalls, oh my! Grande holds many treasures, but so do many other spots close by.

With just a short drive, you can get to an adventure park filled with not only an assortment of Costa Rican animals, but those from around the world, ziplines, waterfalls, horseback and more. If you wanna make a short hike to a large waterfall and small pools, it’s there. If you have had enough of your friends bragging about their surf trip to epic spots along the Guanacaste coast only accessible by boat, it’s your turn. Costa Rica will never fall short in its activities, wildlife and beauty.