Last weekend Ian Bean, owner of Frijoles Locos, and shop employee Marcos Suarez traveled to Nosara for the first installment of the Triple Crown Surf Contest. Ian, long time surf veteran and contest judge took home 1st in Masters and 3rd in the Open divisions. Kate Hermann, former Frijoles Locos Surf Camp participant, used what she learned and charged her way into 1st in the Mini-Grom division.

The first installment of the series was held at Guiones, and the conditions were terrific for a contest. Head-high sets plus rolled in consistently throughout the day, almost guaranteeing each heat primo conditions. Surfers had the option of paddling to a left or right break. Ian was quick to pick up on the opportunities the right presented: “that side seemed to break a little better. The waves would come at you head on.”

Marcos noted a difference in the waves at Guiones, comparing it to Playa Grande. Despite being overhead at times, “the waves were softer” and this Playa Grande native found it challenging as he “had to slow down some of [his] moves”.

Marcos may be a novice contestant, but his ability to adapt allowed him to advance past the first heat. In the subsequent heat, Marcos opted for the left, whereas Ian gravitated to the right. With five minutes left to go, a set had yet to present itself. He needed to score some points fast, so he decided to take any bump he could find. Paddling back out after catching a mediocre wave, he could see the set rolling, but not arriving in time. Marcos is optimistic about round two of the contest; he feels he learned a lot and is ready to charge Nosara again.

Ian’s always a force to reckon with in the water. Mild-mannered and always polite, he’s one of those contestants you’d rather not have in your division. During the final heat, as the alarm sounded with five minutes left to go, Costa Rican surf star Jairo Perez started to paddle in, thinking it was over. The ever-cordial Ian went after him, signaling there was still time, humorously admitting later on, “I shoulda let him go”.

The next installment of the Triple Crown Surf Contest will be held Garza Beach on February 19, 2013. Take the day off and come participate or cheer on your local Playa Grande surfers.