Playa Grande Costa Rica

Playa Grande

MyPlayaGrande is your go-to guide to Playa Grande, a sleepy little surf town on the north Pacific rim of Costa Rica. Here you can find all the info you need about the area’s hotels, restaurants, activities and more to help you plan the ultimate vacation. Whether you’re looking for tasty barrels or eats, pretty sweet accommodations or an adventure to write home about, discover what’s going on in Playa Grande here at MyPlayaGrande.


Situated on the Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Grande is a small surf town with a consistently great wave. Playa Grande is approximately a 22 km drive, or a quick boat ride across the estuary from bustling Tamarindo that offers a contrast of seclusion and tranquility. A haven for eco-friendly tourists, Playa Grande can be described as an escape for those who wish to avoid crowds, enjoy the estuaries, and some of the best surf in all of Costa Rica. The neighborhood is composed mostly of foreign investors with luxury vacation homes and hotels who often rent them to tourist during the holidays and peak seasons. From fusion dining to local cuisine, the Playa Grande area has several exceptional restaurants.

Playa Grande beach is miles long of fine, pale sand; perfect for those who enjoy a leisurely beach stroll and a warm ocean breeze. It is important to note that the entire beach coast is protected and belongs to Las Baulas National Park, meaning you must take care with the soft upper part of the beach as it may contain delicate turtle eggs waiting to hatch. Additionally, the beach is off limits from 6pm to 6am October through March to avoid disturbing the unique rhythm of sea turtle lying; the only exception for night time visitors includes a park guide and turtle watching tours.

Playa Grande is packed with tour options and things to do! Explore the 1,500-acre estuary with a kayak and see the variety to mangroves and exotic animals, including aquatic birds and crocodiles that thrive there. Travel to the northern end of Playa Grande to Playa Ventanas and jump into beautiful snorkeling waters. Take care swimming in Playa Grande open sea, as the sea floor does drop steeply and rip currents can be strong.