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White Water Rafting

Find the perfect balance between a thrilling water adventure and a peaceful floating excursion with a white water rafting tour during your stay in Playa Grande. White water rafting is a fun and exciting way to soak in the tropical scenery, while also providing a natural way to pass by and see undisturbed native birds, monkeys, bats, amphibians, and various colorful insects. Guaranteed to send the blood pumping throughout the whole body, white water rafting is available all over Costa Rica, with two well-known areas within the Guanacaste province at Tenorio Volcano and Rio Corobici. Simply grab a paddle, drop into the water by way of the Tenorio River or the Corobici River to which it merges, and hold on tight for an unforgettable ride.

For the ultimate thrill seeker, looking for narrow passages and rapids varying around four feet high, consider starting your white water rafting experience closer to the base of the Tenorio Volcano within the Tenorio River. Dominated by class III to IV water rapids, Tenorio River is at a higher elevations and receives a steady wind to rumble waters for 15 miles, until it begins to slow and flow into the Corobici River. During a smooth moment, notice and appreciate the view of alligators nearby, beautifully colored birds flying overhead, and the constant, soothing rhythm of frogs and other local wildlife creatures.

Traveling along the water and battling rapids with a group of friends is fantastic workout and bonding experience. To ensure your white water rafting trip is safe and enjoyable, a helmet, life vest, and paddle are required for any participant prior to entering the water or raft. It is also recommended to wear a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes, as rafting is assured to be a wet and bumpy ride. White water rafters should avoid wearing slip-on shoes, such as flip flops, and instead selected laced shoes or other various types of shoes which fasten securely. When you are ready for lunch, eating and pre-prepared lunch on the riverbank is a peaceful and scenic way to enjoy the afternoon.

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