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Ultimate One-Day Adventure

Some of the best all-day adventures to take from the beach are just a volcano away. The lush, bio diverse areas unique to the rich soils of the volcanic regions of Costa Rica, make these places not to miss—not only for the thick flora and fauna, but for the non-stop adventures the terrain supplies. Choose from packages that include ziplining, rappelling down waterfalls, watertubing, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking trails, hot springs, spa treatments, cable swings…Check out two of our favorites:

RIO PERDIDO What once was mindlessly passed through, the large converging canyons of Bagaces, now is an off the main road gem. Entering the path less traveled now to Rio Perdido, where ancient artifacts of the Chorotega Indians are still discovered, you enter a new world. What’s more, the team that built the adventure park wanted to keep its soul in tact and have committed to sustainable practices, such as using only 1% of the land area for attractions, protecting trees, eliminating any logging, and so on.

When you enter the park, you will feel invigorated by the park’s beauty, but the adrenaline pumping activities this natural wonderland boasts. Just under a 2 hour drive, this place should be on your list when you want a day trip for the family and/or couple adventure/spa day. Their hot springs are something special.

CANYON DE LA VIEJA Rincon de la Vieja National Park is home to one of the best one-day trips you will enjoy! Just two hours from Playa Grande, strike off early in the morning for an adventure packed day, complete with zip lining, rappelling, hiking, horseback riding, waterfalls, white water tubing, mud baths, hot springs, and a huge lunch is all included. Drive yourself or transportation from your door is also available for an additional fee.

You can easily go your own pace as you soak in all the variety of flora Rincon de La Vieja has to offer. Featured within high-forested slopes, trees are draped in moss, providing the base for orchids; monkeys swing among canopy branches and dozens of different birds call out to one another. Immerse yourself in Costa Rican wildlife with the Ultimate One-Day Adventure, designed for the journey-seeking traveler.

Just as suggestions for the all-day adventurers:

  1. Bring sunblock and insect repellent. Also available locally, prices are quite high on these hot commodities.
  2. Closed shoes or sandals with back-strap are required for some of the more rigorous activities.
  3. Bring river/water shoes or sandals with back-strap and a bathing suit for the water activities (sneakers are not idyllic, as they can get boggy in the river).
  4. White Water Tubing requisites are: a minimum height of 4’7” or 140 cm, a minimum age of 12 yrs, a body weight between 80 and 220 lbs (36-100kg), intermediate swimming skills, and the capacity to demonstrate that instructions have been assimilated.
  5. White Water Tubing is not for everyone. There can be strong rapids in the river. It is possible to be scraped or bruised, especially if you are not in the proper sitting position along the trajectory.
  6. The Rio Perdido Bike Park is not recommended for riders without significant mountain biking experience

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