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Turtle Watching

Leatherback Nesting Season: October 1 – February 28

Playa Grande was recently named one of the top beaches in the world for viewing wildlife by Traven and Leisure. This 5 km stretch of beach is home to the 2nd largest nesting site for Leatherback sea turtles in the entire world, and these majestic creatures and their eggs are protected here by law.

The Leatherback sea turtle can grow into one of the largest reptiles in the world and is seen here for months at a time at Las Baulas. Not only is turtle watching unmatched elsewhere, Playa Grande also features a turtle research facility, with researches that will take guest to nighttime turtle watching. Laying and hatching seasons begin in October and end in March.

On any given January night, Costa Rican beaches are swarming with sea turtles. Synchronized nesting events can last two to eight days, and large scale hatching of a million or more baby sea turtles on Costa Rican coast makes turtle watching a must do for any traveller! Additional turtle species that nest on Costa Rican shores include Hawksbill, Green, and Olive Ridley turtles. Click here to check out the turtle nesting and hatching calendar infographic provided by Costa Rica Guide.

Turtle watching tours are offered through the MINAET office near Hotel Las Tortugas, and all visitors need is a passport to sign up. Contact the Playa Grande MINAE office directly to book a tour to see the Leatherbacks at 2653-0470.



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