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To Bring Or Not to Bring a Surfboard: That Is the Question

Since surfing is one of the biggest draws of Playa Grande, the first things surfers obsess think about is what board they’re getting barreled on. On one hand, you could bring your favorite board from home. But with the high cost of airline fees and stress of transport, renting a board locally is becoming the […]

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Turtle Season in Playa Grande

It’s turtle season in Playa Grande! At last, the triumphant return of the mighty leatherback sea turtle! Every year, between October to March, our coastal community waits patiently for the arrival of these gentle giants. Weighing up to a whopping 700 kilos, the leatherback sea turtle is an impressive sight to experience up close. Turtle […]

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Discovering Playa Ventanas

Visiting the right spots at Playa Grande is like going to a full scale aquarium, without having to pay admission. Playa Grande is famed for watersports and turtle watching, but those with an affinity of aquatic life will surely be delighted discovering Playa Ventanas, the northern most point in Playa Grande. Getting to Ventanas from […]

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SUP with You? Playa Grande

Playa Grande has always retained the reputation for having consistent surf. A recent guest of ours was blown away by the glassy sets of stomach to chest high waves—and not a soul in the water. Sure it gets bigger here, and we’ve had our share of large swells this half of the year, but moderate […]

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice at Indra Inn

In Costa Rica, we get up when the sun rises, and unwind as it sets. It‘s the unspoken law of the land we all seem to abide by. This Friday is the Summer Solstice, and as the longest day of the year descends upon us, Indra Inn in Playa Grande is throwing one hellova party. […]

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Trolling for the Big One at Las Catalinas

Sport fishing in Costa Rica— undoubtedly on every serious angler’s bucket list. Playa Grande may be world famous for its surf, but the fishing in the area is second to none. Arguably, it’s the local sport fishing that was the catalyst for why we at MyPlayaGrande ended up here. Back in the 1980s, our grandfather, […]

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Let’s Talk About the Weather

The weather. We all experience it, so it’s great for small talk. But should you find your conversation veering off into weather talk, it’s typically the last sputter of conversation before people realize they ran out of things to talk about. Or they never really had much to talk about in the first place. Yet, […]

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Rincon de la Vieja- Get Her While She’s Hot

Rincon de la Vieja- Get Her While She’s Hot One of the best things about Playa Grande is it’s close proximity to an endless array of activities and places to go. Travelers who have been coming to Playa Grande year after year can tell you about the trek from Liberia before the asphalt. Since the […]

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Frijoles Locos at Triple Crown Contest in Nosara

Last weekend Ian Bean, owner of Frijoles Locos, and shop employee Marcos Suarez traveled to Nosara for the first installment of the Triple Crown Surf Contest. Ian, long time surf veteran and contest judge took home 1st in Masters and 3rd in the Open divisions. Kate Hermann, former Frijoles Locos Surf Camp participant, used what […]

What is MyPlayaGrande?

Greetings! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are MyPlayaGrande, the most comprehensive guide to visting Playa Grande, Costa Rica. What started out as a family trip back in 2005 has metamorphosed into some more: a perpetual vacation, along with a few rental homes and a lifetime of memories. Over the […]